The District Attorney operates a team of Assistant District Attorneys who specialize in the prosecution of drug crimes. This unit is building on a long record of success, dating back to the original drug unit established about 1983.

These attorneys are familiar with drugs commonly abused, methods used to smuggle, deal and manufacture drugs, and the strategies employed by police officers to apprehend the people who commit such crimes.

The Drug Team maintains a close working relationship to provide assistance and training to police officers who focus on the investigation of drug violations.

Prosecutors assigned to or trained by the Drug Team are involved in Drug Court and assist the COMIT project.

The drugs of choice change periodically, but the challenge remains the same: to prevent the spread of illegal drug abuse, especially among the younger members of our community, and to force those already involved to confront the consequences of their actions. Treatment is offered, especially to persons charged with simple possession of drugs, and especially to first offenders not dealing drugs.

Often overlooked is the damage caused to families by drug abuse. Drug abuse often leads to child abuse or neglect by parents, spousal abuse due to drug abuse, and crippling financial losses due to the cost of supporting a drug habit.

The District Attorney’s Office has taken a comprehensive approach towards narcotics prosecution by providing treatment on demand, through diversionary programs such as Drug Court or Community Sentencing Programs, while devoting the lion’s share of litigation to prosecuting those individuals who manufacture and traffic in drugs.

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