The Special Drug court is an innovative new treatment program for drug-addicted felons. It is touted as the most successful drug treatment programs ever used.

Since its inception in 1998, the program can boast 11 drug free babies born, 31 graduates, and positive lifestyle changes for literally thousands of people affected by the recovery of drug court participants.

To be eligible for drug court one must have a pending felony case and be faced with a prison sentence. One must not have any violent tendencies and must admit to being a drug addict. One must admit to his criminal behavior and plead guilty to the charges pending. Within 30 minutes of their release from jail, the participant must report to addiction treatment. The participant lives in society while he learns to live drug free. He is randomly tested for drug use, attends weekly court and group and individual counseling. The program lasts from 1 to 3 years. Within that time the participant will either fail and be sentenced to a greater prison sentence than he would have received if he had not come into drug court, or he will graduate drug free with full time employment and a high school or college diploma.

The program includes persons from all walks of life. All ages and races are represented. Participants include homeless grandfathers, young doctors and lawyers.

The County is progressive in its endeavor to better the lives of those inflicted with drug addiction. In the long run drug court saves much more than the additional $15,000 per person per year it would have spent to incarcerate the participants. It saves families, employees and enriches lives.

The District Attorney has agreed to “take a chance” and participate in this program in an effort to find a more effective way of combating crime related to drugs and drug addicts.