Passing a bogus check has far greater consequences than repaying the face value of the check. Penalties for use of any false or bogus checks range from imprisonment in the county j for up to one year (1) and a fine of up to $5,000.00 to ten (10) years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.00.

If you think a bad check you have written has been referred to our office please contact the Bogus Check Division.

The District Attorney answers your questions concerning returned checks.

“The District Attorney operates a Bogus Check and Restitution Division to assist merchants. This unit has already benefited many victims. In addition, it helps every person who shops in the county by making personal checks more readily accepted.

Each year the economy loses millions of dollars as a result of bogus checks. Businesses have even closed their doors because of these losses. The Bogus Check Division was designed and established especially for recovering losses for bogus check victims Since its inception in 1982, the Division has collected and returned over twenty-six million dollars to merchants.

This service is provided to merchants free of charge. Funding for the program is solely by fees assessed to the writers of bogus check. State law allows the Division to collect the face amount of the check, the returned check fee charged to the merchant by the bank, and an additional fee of $25 for certain checks.

The Bogus Check and Restitution Division compiles information that is forwarded to investigators and prosecutors for further review. This review frequently results in criminal charges being filed against the check writer.

This Division conducts research to help locate and arrest persons for whom warrants have been issued for passing false or bogus checks.

Call a member of our staff if you would like more information concerning our program and how it can assist you as a victim.