Office of the District Attorney

The District Attorney’s Office is operated under the authority of the District Attorney.

The position of District Attorney is an elected office, and the Office is funded primarily by taxpayer’s funds, appropriated by the Legislature.

Approximately 145 persons work for the District Attorney:

  • 65 Support Staff, full time
  • 50 Assistant District Attorneys:
  • 28 handle criminal felony cases
  • 4 deal with civil issues concerning Oklahoma County government
  • 7 work on juvenile cases
  • 4 are assigned to criminal misdemeanor cases
  • 1 prosecutes complicated White Collar crimes and handles all incoming Bogus Check cases.
  • 1 handles Drug Court
  • 1 works all requests for post-conviction relief

Several other attorneys are on special assignments.

The Director of Training arranges training opportunities for the legal staff and administers all grants awarded to the office.

  • 9 Investigators
  • 8 Support Staff, part time
  • 14 Legal Interns